Heima: The Ninth Kostir Heima: Challenge to the Crown

The Ninth Kostir is forthcoming. It is an event that pits a representative from each of the three major cities of Heima in several contests for the right to marry the Princess, Astir Jofurrsdotter. The Princess herself stands in an unwary position as she will play a significant role in choosing the winner of the Kostir. That winner will become the next King of Heima and her husband.

Upon completion of the Kostir, Astir shall become the next Queen and ruler of Heima. She knows her fate is to marry a stranger and become the Queen but she desires more than just a King.

Daell Skeidsson just wants to leave his home of Andyyri to explore Heima and see things he has only dreamt of. Dragging his best friend Hollurn with him on his adventure, Daell leaves his family and heads for the city of Araedi.

The path he chooses will have repercussions that send shockwaves throughout all of Heima, right to the throne itself.

A review of Heima: The Ninth Kostir.

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