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Derek Johnson Jr.

Elizabeth Francis


Cover Artwork

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Physically and emotionally drained form the constant pressures of being a world famous popstar, Lizzie Francis sneaks away from her tour during a stop in Philadelphia. While out she accidently runs into a cable installer named Derek. Completely unlike the usual models, actors, and athletes she has dated in the past, she finds herself enamored with him almost instantly. Heís friendly, kind, and very normal. Deciding it best to keep him a secret from her overbearing manager she hides their relationship.

Slogging along as a cable installer until he figures out what he wants to do with himself Derek Johnsonís life is totally turned upside down when he runs into a beautiful woman while out for a jog. She is intelligent, funny, and unusually interested in him which leaves Derek hoping he doesnít mess things up with her. He wants to be hesitant to tell her about his love of archaeology and playing the online game World of Warcraft but he is unable to keep himself from being anything but honest with her. He is quite surprised and happy that she seemingly accepts every aspect of who he and even joins him in playing his game.

Once their relationship is exposed by the press things quickly goes bad. Under pressure from her manager and her family Lizzie breaks off their relationship, which only causes both to spiral into depression. What Lizzie does next will change both of their lives forever.