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Derek Johnson Jr.

Elizabeth Francis


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Derek Johnson Jr.

Born in Arizona, Derek moved with his family to Philadelphia when he was fifteen. He currently lives with his parents and his sixteen year old sister Jessica. Derek is twenty two years old. He works for the same cable company that his father does. His father has worked for the cable company since he was Derek's age and has worked his way up to a middle management position. His father hopes to see Derek rise through the ranks of the company as well. He initially had planned to do so, even going to college for a degree in Business Management. Completely bored with business Derek dropped out and just got a job working with the cable company. He currently works laying new cable lines.

Completely lost in life, Derek has no interest in his job or business. Instead his passions lie in the field of Archeology, which he does not tell anyone for fear of disappointing his father. With his free time Derek plays an online game called World of Warcraft, an online game with millions of other players. He has been playing the game since he was fifteen years old and his best friends all are people that he met while playing. Derek has had a few relationships but the reactions of the women he has dated to his game has usually caused a quick end to the relationship. Out for a jog, which Derek does regularly, he literally runs into a beautiful woman named Elizabeth.