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Elizabeth Francis

Born in New Mexico, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Francis was a normal suburban teenager until a Nickolodeon audition completely changed her life. She went from nobody to international superstar in a matter of a few years. First she starred on a television show on Nickolodeon that involved both singing and dancing. During her first year on television she was contacted by her future manager Dennis Lowenstein. Dennis got her out of her Nickelodeon contract and immediately launched her career as pop star.

Lizzie had immediate success with her first album. She started off as a teenaged pop star singing bubble gum songs about love and being a teenager but as she got older Dennis molded her imagine into a modern pop star with plenty of sexually suggestive themes throughout. Dennis controlled every aspect of her career, even Lizzie's off time was managed and planned with events. Dennis thrived on getting her into tabloids with outrageous stories about her private life. Lizzie's actual private life only added fuel to the fire. Her parents marriage fell apart from the stresses of a child superstar. Her mother spiraled into drugs and alcohol. Lizzie herself bounced from one bad relationship to another with other famous people, famous people generally selected for her by Dennis. Currently twenty one years old and out on tour, everything changes when Lizzie sneaks out for a private walk while in Philadelphia...