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Derek Johnson Jr.

Elizabeth Francis


Cover Artwork

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Elizabeth is a classically trained oboist and one of the many requirements she had in school (before she became a pop star) was to learn Italian. She speaks several phrases of Italian throughout the novel. Also the title of the novel is Italian. It is a classical music term that refers to breaking down a note from the top to the bottom. It also means 'broken'. Quite poetic for the novel in many ways as well.

Italian to English:

Acciaccato - "Bruised, crushed, or broken down."

Penso che sto innamorando di te - "I think I am falling in love with you."

Mi sono innamorato di te e io prego che tu non farmi male - "I’m in love with you, and I pray that you do not hurt me."

Non c’è motivo di avere paura. Il mio bubby è un uomo meraviglioso che vi tratterà benissimo - "There is no reason to be afraid. My bubby is a wonderful man who will treat you right."

Parli italiano? - "You speak Italian?"

Si - "Yes."

Non vi è alcun motivo di essere imbarazzato - "There is no reason to be embarrassed."

Mi dispiace di non sapevo che parlava italiano - "I’m sorry I did not know you spoke Italian."

Faccio. Si prega di non aver paura di lui, lui ti tratterà meravigliosamente - "I do. Please do not be afraid of him, he will treat you wonderfully."

Non ho più paura, grazie - "I am not afraid anymore, thank you."

Semplicemente meravigliosa - "Simply wonderful."