Heima: The Ninth Kostir Heima: Challenge to the Crown

I commissioned artwork for some of the characters to give you, the hopeful reader, an idea of what they may look like. The artist who did the work for these pieces is Mr. Bob Grayvenstein.

Here is his deviantart website link

I personally love them and feel they catch the story greatly.

Here is the artwork he did for Prince Viagadir, Astir's younger brother.
Here is the artwork for Skemmra, who he depicted with a fancier outfit!
Here is what he came up with for Ofriki, in this case she is out in the Royal Gardens.
Here is Hollurn during thier encounter with the Hyggja.

9th Kostir Cover Artwork
Challenge Cover Artwork

I recruited the artist Johnny Marrow for the Heima series. His website is http://www.jdtmart.com/.

I would adore some fan art and I would be more then happy to add your fan art here. Click the contact link above and send me what you have!