Heima: The Ninth Kostir Heima: Challenge to the Crown
Heima: Challenge to the Crown will be available on January 24th 2017!

Waking from injuries caused during the end of the Kostir, Daell Skeidsson finds himself having to quickly adjust to his new role as both the King of Heima and husband. He soon discovers that his new bride, the Queen of Heima Astir Jofurrsdotter, is everything that he could have ever dreamt of in a wife. On top of learning more about her, he discovers that his blossoming earthcrafting abilities continue to grow well past those of any other Jordling. This discovery will change everything known about Heima.

Now sitting on the throne, Astir has smoothly and easily adjusted to her role as the Queen of Heima. Her training provided her with everything that she needed to run the day to day operations of Heima but she soon quickly discovers that her training did not cover other aspects of life, especially when dealing with her new and very exciting relationship with Daell.

Their blossoming and joyful relationship, along with an untraditional journey to meet his parents, goes smoothly until a challenge to the crown arises. This challenge is nothing Astir was trained to deal with and shakes the entire foundation of Heima itself as it brings war to their very doorstep.

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