Heima: The Ninth Kostir Heima: Challenge to the Crown
Daell Skeidsson

Daell is the son of a blacksmith from the tiny village of Anddyri. Unlike other Jordlings, Daell has a severe case of wanderlust. He strives to see all of Heima and things he has never even heard of before. He knows that life holds more than that of a blacksmith, he just does not know what it holds for him. Daell's wanderlust has caused him to explore much of the area around Anddyri, and to cause more than his fare share of trouble within Anddryi itself. He is also notable for being a hand shorter and much lighter than any other Jordling male.

Princess Astir Jofurrsdotter

The future Queen of Heima, Astir has been trained from the moment she could walk on everything that she must do to become the Queen. She knows her future and is only wary of the Kostir, where her husband will be chosen for her. She strives for the same love that her mother and father have, she only hopes that is possible from the upcoming Kostir.

Hollurn Skorsson

Hollurn is the son of a bootmaker and the best friend of Daell. While he is not a curious as Daell, he too wonders what else is in the world around them. He is loyal to a fault and treasures his friendship with Daell as though Daell were his brother.

Ofriki Vitursdotter

Raised at a young age side by side with Astir, Ofriki is destined to become the Premier of Heima. Like Astir, she is unsure if she is ready for the responsibilities coming her way. She is steadfast in her belief that Astir is ready to become a great Queen. Ofriki has a slight wild streak and a love of handsome men. Tales have been told about the trouble both Astir and Ofriki had caused in their youth in the form of practical jokes at the expense of those around them.

Prince Vigamadir Jofurrsson

Brother of Astir, Prince Vigamadir is the youngest son of the Queen and King. He is noble, hard working, intense, and highly skilled as a warrior and leader.