Heima: The Ninth Kostir Heima: Challenge to the Crown

In Heima, terms and phrases are slightly different than some we commonly use. In order to aid in making life somewhat easier on you, the reading audience, we have included some definitions of terms that are utilized. We hope it helps you in your adventure within Heima!

Timeframes Various Items
Turn A day Bakki a bank
Cycle About a month Leid a roadway
Harvest About a year Svass a thick sweet treat
Animals Marglod - gold
Melraaki a white fox Silfur - silver
Hafr a goat Eir - bronze
Kyr a cow Optar deja vu
Hestir a horse Sodull a saddle
Fiskur a type of fish Braud a type of bread
Kottir a cat Mungat - ale
Uxi an ox Mykjask silk like cloth
Smali sheep Kvi - wool
Scrofa a boar Bil chocolate like candy
Dyr a wingless dragon Vandur a curse word
Hundir a dog
Fugla a type of domesticated bird
Hyggja Terms
Kyla a village
Lisko the Hyggja
Tarkkanakoisuus the title of the Hyggja wise-man or shaman
Hallitsija The title of the Hyggja or leader
Hevonen a horse
Kameli a camel like creature, only much smaller
Vuohi a goat
Passi sheep
Kuninkaalliset the ruling council of the Hyggja
Luola A cavern of the Kyla
Jumala the Hyggja god
Viini a wine
Hyvantekija the title of the savior of the Hyggja
Suvua incense smoke