Heima: The Ninth Kostir Heima: Challenge to the Crown

There are numerous realities that are unknown to most, and many are inhabited by humans as we know them, others are not. The world of Heima has humans in it. However, they are very different from those living within our reality. The denizens of Heima have been imbued with elemental powers that we could only dream of. These abilities vary depending upon their heritage. Throughout history, these powers have influenced Heima and its peoples in many unusual ways.

The Aldarnari, warriors by nature, serve the Queen of Heima as soldiers and guardians who have the power to manipulate the element of fire. The Vatune are usually bureaucrats, managers, and organizers with control over the element of water. The Vindiri tend to lean toward scholarship, research, and the sciences. They have cultivated the element of air. Finally there are the Jordlings, who make up the largest portion of the citizenry. They are the artisans, farmers, and manual labor of Heima. Theirs is the element of earth. The Jordlings never get involved in the politics of the world, preferring to remain near their home and earn an honest living.

Heima is ruled by a Queen who has the ability to manipulate all four of the elements. She rules all of Heima until her oldest daughter reaches her twentieth harvest, at which time a five turn-long tournament is called: the Kostir. Men are chosen from each of the major cities for the right to marry her. Once she is married, she becomes the new Queen.