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If you want to contact S.W. Gunn about anything please e-mail him at Norse_Scholar@yahoo.com.

The Almighty Paw. Set in the Modern United States, The Almighty Paw follows Renee Holden as she strives to learn more about her newly acquired magical powers. Click the here to learn more!

Available online through Amazon is the second novel in the Heima series, "Heima: Challenge to the Crown" and "Acciaccato".

If you want an autographed copy of any of my novels please just contact me. I am willing to accommodate any signature requests with a personalized message so feel free to just send me an e-mail!

A couple of notes about this page. The small crests next to the top banner are my Clan's crest. Gunn is an old Scottish Clan located in the Highlands of Scotland. The background is my Clan tartan!