Our world is not quite what we think it is. Magic permeates throughout everything in the form of mana. Women born near the planet's surface during a full moon can pull mana from the earth beneath them and manipulate small amounts of it to cast spells. Most know them as witches. The average witch can cast spells of limited power and strength. Renee Holden is one of those witches. She spends all of her time researching beyond the simplest of spells because she wishes to rise above the petty little spells and political squabbling that fills the day to day life of a witch.

Her world drastically changes when she comes across a spell book of an ancient and long-dead sorceress named Tyfainne. Renee is overwhelmed by the raw power and unimaginable spells she finds within the book. She decides to cast a spell that will alter her from a mere witch to a being of great power. However everything does not go as planned and she is forced to flee Riverside. Her decisions from the moment she acquires the spell book will have results that completely change everything known about magic and the world itself.