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If you want to contact S.W. Gunn about anything please e-mail him at Norse_Scholar@yahoo.com.

I am working on several other novels. Right now I am working on one called 'Angels of Evernal'. It is a Science Fiction novel following a humble janitor who is accidently dragged along in the discovery of a new world and living aliens.

Next is another one called 'The Almighty Paw'. It is a story about a cat who takes over the world. It is based in our world with magic and witchcraft!

Another book I am slowing working through is called 'Legenda: Pilot's Luck'. This one is a science fiction/fantasy novel.

I am currently designing a space ship battle game that is a 5 boards of grids with pretty cool rules and several little kicks to make it interesting. If your a gaming company email me I'd love to tell you about it!