Heima: The Ninth Kostir Heima: Challenge to the Crown

The religion of Heima focuses around a pantheon of gods called the Domir. The Domir consists of a family of gods and are led by Modira. She is the Queen of the gods and creator of all known existence.

The Domir consists of the following Gods and Goddesses:

Modira: Queen of the Gods and creator of life. She is worshiped above all other gods

Fadir: King of the Gods, the God of honor and who serves as Judge for the dead.

Grunnur: The God of the earth, the harvest, crafting, and he is worshipped by Jordlings.

Villieldar: The Goddess of fire, combat, strategy, strength, and worshipped by the Aldarnari.

Logaer: The God of water, organization, planning, the arts, and worshipped by the Vatune.

Rida: Goddess of the wind, thought, poetry, creativity, logic, and worshipped by the VIndiri.

Andlat: God of death and decay who lives in Hel with the dishonored of Heima

When a person dies in Heima they are called by Modira. Those who live an honorable life are sent to Himinn to live with the gods. Those who have lived a dishonorable life are cast out to live with Andlat in Hel.