With the Earth's environment failing from two American Civil Wars and a Third World War the winners have realized they have to leave the planet to ensure the existence of Humankind. After a Lunar Colony and a Mars colony humans because launching eco-ships towards exoplanet orbiting within habitable zones. The second eco-ship, the U.S.S. Skybound, suffers from a failed experiment that kills the Earth-born crew leaving those born on the eco-ship to continue the mission.

'Skybound' follows Senior Computer Technician Johnathan Fischer as he discovers newfound relationships after decades of self inflicted social exclusion. His best friend, the sentient ship's computer, pushes him forward. As he begins to start moving past his normal duties aboard the eco-ship they are forced to fight for their lives against an unknown alien force that attacks the eco-ship.ll book will have results that completely change everything known about magic and the world itself.