Born on the U.S.S. Skybound after its launching, Senior Technician Johnathan Fischer is the lead technician in charge of managing the computer systems aboard the eco-ship. Anti-social and secluded from the rest of the crew he works on his daily tasks while keeping a secret from the entire crew. Some 40 years before the eco-ship's computer became sentient. Named Mark, this computer has become Johnathan's only friend. Seeking to help Johnathan grow as a person the computer pushed Johnathan into various hobbies that were once beloved by humans. Next Mark pushed Johnathan into a relationship with the Commander, Rosemary Yarden. His newfound relationship gives him confidence and helps him to do more than the minimum at work. During one of his upgrades alien vessels are discovered. What actions Johnathan takes will forever alter the fate of the crew and possibly all of humankind.